What are the qualifications for membership?

  • Be Baptized Catholic
  • Male 18 years of age or older
  • Be a practical Catholic

How Do I Join?

You can fill out an application just by asking a member. You can come down to
the council on any Friday night around 7:00pm or later. We will always be willing
to sit down with you. Or just call us at (718) 359-9488.

There are 3 degrees that you must take to become a full member. The degrees are learning experiences. You will need a jacket and tie when you take your degree. We will explain in greater detail when we meet in person.

Is There a Ladies Organization?

Yes there is a very active Columbiette organization at St. Ambrose Council.

They are expanding more now than ever! The St. Ambrose Columbiettes have been in existence for more than 60 years in College Point. They follow the same principles of Charity as the Knights do. Membership inquiries can be made the same as the Knights by asking a member, calling the council or coming down on a Friday night.

They are responsible for many programs that make their organization a great success including:

  • Popular Halloween Party
  • Relay for Life held at McNeil Park in
    College Point raising over $30,000
    for cancer research.
  • St. Fidelis Mother & Child Residence
  • Transcription Program for the Blind
  • Grocery Bingo

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