Malave Family


On Saturday March 30th, our council sustained a tragic loss. Brother Knight Carlos Malave 42, along with his wife Hilda 42, and their three children Melissa 19, Alyssa 14 and Christian 11, were returning from vacation in Florida and were involved in a head on collision. All had sustained severe injuries. Carlos is still in critical condition. Their son Christian did not survive.

As a result of tremendous financial demands from medical care which they had and continue to receive, funeral preparation and loss of income now placed on them, our council is creating an “Emergency Fund” for the Malave family. We are asking everyone to please help our Brother and his family who are in such great need. Your generous donation will go to help ease their magnificent burden they now face.

Please open your hearts and send a check to the council and make it payable to: St Ambrose Council for whatever amount you could afford. Please note on the envelope “Relief Fund”. You may also¬†click on the PayPal logo below to donate. All funds raised will be given to the family via the council.

The Malave family has given so much to all of us. Now is the time to help them through this horrific experience.

Thank You and God Bless St. Ambrose Council #1463

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